This is not a loop...... Loops Don't Work!
   SwingPerfectionTM is Elliptical, and makes all the  difference. Improve your swing and get a great work out at the same time. 

 SwingPerfectionTM III

Now has stronger piston tubes that are now hard anodized, CNC machined numbers filled with epoxy to  give it a life time of wear and tear.
The latter’s are 25% thicker aircraft alum. 
The elevator tube is  one piece for more strength.
The connectors for the loop are now a precision fit for easier assembly.
The machine now comes ready to use, just set the pistons in place and slip the top loop on and begin your training.   
No Batteries needed
Includes: 1 base unit, 1 right (or left) handed training club

 Add On
Right Handed Training Club
Left Handed Training Club
 Weighted Club 
  Swing Vision System
               Writing A-frame sign              
Demo Weights

SwingPerfectionTM III​


As Seen At the 2017 PGA Show In Florida

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Better Your Game
By Perfecting Your    Putting & Chipping

TMBlindStrike’s length, width, height, radius and angles are engineered to work with any putter, exactly as the club designers intended.
So no matter how you hold a putter, or which method you use 
The TMBlindStrike's unique design take’s the need to think, and operate out of the process completely. Helps the mind to relax and gives you the confidence you need to make the strike you want. 
           SwingPerfectionTM III

SwingPerfection Price $3495.00 Includes your choice of color, 100's to Choose From. With Free Shipping to the continental us

Add Ons 
Right Handed Training Club      $149.95

Left Handed Training Club         $149.95

Weighted Club                             $149.95
Swing Vision System                 $149.95

Writing A-frame sign                $149.95 

Demo Weights 1 or .5 lbs             $19.95
Bud rd Maricopa, Arizona, United States

Contact your local Pro Sop or Country Club For best Price!



  Full Package                              $149.95

  Short Game                                $79.95

                The SwingPerfection TM and BlindStrike TM
                      are design to improve your game
                            and  strive for perfectios

                         Made to use & built to last 

​                             SwingPerfection TM III
                            Wheelchair Accessible.


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